Did you ever think when you started your own business that you would suddenly NOT have time for your business? There’s the never-ending list of mundane and confusing tasks that you had no interest in before you became an entrepreneur and now are supposed to be an expert in; the need to keep track of all the clients, colleagues, networking potentials, and how they prefer follow up; the graphics that are supposed to look professional, but look like your toddler helped; the whole untameable beast of social media; the constant need to find content for your blog; and on, and on…


We get it.


You’re an entrepreneur. You have a passion for what you do. You’ve got awesome ideas and ambitious plans. You’re destined for amazing things. But while you’re spinning your wheels, you’re competitors are zooming by because you’re chronically overwhelmed.


Frustrated doesn’t even begin to describe what you’re feeling.


We can help you breathe again and remove some of those bricks weighing you down. Because you deserve a life and a business that is fun again. Your business and the lifestyle you’ve dreamt about is not out of your reach, the light at the end of the tunnel is here.


Are you ready to let the Nerds help you stand out from the crowd? Give your business that extra oomph that it needs.


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Nerdy Girl Solutions is a virtual company that offers full administrative support to the areas small businesses need most.


No. Really.


Did you know, the average in-house staff can cost a company 1.4 times their base salary range? That means for a $10 an hour employee, you pay $14 an hour to have them on staff. So a full-time employee doesn’t just get paid $1600 a month – YOU pay out a minimum of $2,240 a month, because you have to also provide software, hardware, workspace, insurance, government fees…the list goes on. That’s IF your one in-house person can do everything that needs to be done: client follow up, social media, web design, desktop publishing, blog writing, newsletter design, SEO and marketing…..most people don’t have all those skills.


Nerdy Girl Solutions is based upon the idea that everyone needs help in their business, but not every business needs a staff. By providing exceptional professionals in multiple fields in one place, we can help small businesses expand and grow at an affordable rate.


But the beauty of working with Nerdy Girl Solutions? You pay us ONLY for the hours we work. That’s it. We are not your employees, which means we take care of updating all our own software and hardware, we find our own workspace and we take care of all our own government stuff. But that also means, we want to build a relationship with you to help your business grow.


Want to know more? Check out our Services page to see what we can do for you.




We are nerds. We are proud of our chosen Nerdiness in the way that makes little girls proud of their new twirly dresses. Each Nerd at Nerdy Girl Solution is certified in different areas of expertise, bringing you a team that not only understands exactly what they are doing…but they are good at it.


So….what does that mean?


What that means is your time and money is not spent on training someone to help your business, nor is it wasted on a novice. What THAT means is that finicky WordPress code that’s taken hours and hours for you to understand…our team can fix it, update it, and make it work in a fraction of the time.


Each Nerd loves what they do, what they specialize in, what they are trained in. They are true Nerds in their field. Meet the Nerds here.